29th – 30th August – Trip to “Jharwani Water Fall and Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia”

66 boarders went for an overnight trek to Kevadia on the morning of the 29th Aug and returned to the hostel after having dinner out on the 30th of August 2014.

This trek was organized primarily to cover the requirement for the IAYP program. The group left at 8.30 a.m. accompanied by 5 staff members on a 3 hour drive to the camping spot. Once there, the boys (48) were put into 2 dormitories and the girls (18) were allotted rooms. Post lunch a trek to Jharwani falls was organized and the group returned after having evening snacks.

The next morning after breakfast, a short trek was taken. Then the groups returned to the campsite as a boarding team on their own with a staff member as their guide but using a different route. Post lunch a trip to Sardar Sarovar dam was planned and the entire group was treated to ice-cream by Mrs. Rana. After having a light evening snack the return journey to the hostel was eagerly awaited, as the boarders were to have their dinner out. All were back in the hostel by 9.45 p.m. after a tiring yet enjoyable and memorable trip.

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28th August – Birthday Celebration

The birthday celebration for JUNE & JULY was held on 28th August. Those who took part in the cake cutting for the month of June were Ishan Modi, Aksh Palan, Hemlata Dindor and Shraddha Shukla. Those who cut the cake for the month of July were Vinay Maru, Rohan Mandawewala, Patamporn Saraniyatham, Amaan Gokak and Kashyap Rathava. Each of them was then presented with a card by the Principal and all feasted on the delicious snacks that were served.

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23rd August – Swimming Competition

The swimming competition was held from 7.30 a.m. onwards on the 23rd of September, for the boarders. In order to facilitate maximum participation the competition was also held for those who were not confident enough and needed to use a float. The boy’s category was held in three groups and the girls category in two groups.

The events that were held were 50m & 100m Freestyle, 21m Freestyle, 4 x 21m Mixed relay and 4 x 50m Mixed relay. It was a fiercely fought competition in the Boys category and the team positions were as follows:


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23rd August – Visit to UPAJ “Organic Farm”

The steady growth of urbanization has led to the growing demand for healthy herbs and vegetables, which has become mandatory for survival. We must not put our health at risk by consuming the crops treated with pesticides. Upaj, situated at Sama Savli road, Vadodara, is a new age nursery that has been developed with a motto of organic farming in order to ‘help the urban dwellers grow their own food and herbs.’

The NISV boarding batch of 2014-15 got the opportunity to visit the foundation of Upaj with an aim of learning the skills and gaining knowledge about organic farming. All of us were filled with enthusiasm to acquire maximum knowledge. The session started with the division of the entire boarding into two teams. Then both the teams were taken on a round of the campus, identifying and classifying different species of plants. We were also introduced to farming techniques and tips for cultivating various herbs like Italian basil, lemon basil, brahmi, green tea etc., along with their uses in the medical field. On one hand there were small herbs and on the other hand there were huge trees of amla, mango, neem and jamun.

Furthermore, the learning sessions were followed by a session of reflection where the children asked questions, which was later complimented by a quiz competition held between the two teams made. The most amusing moment was when there was a draw in the contest. The marvelous trip ended with the serving of hot samosa and biscuits in the form of snacks.

Not to forget, to mention that this trip enhanced our team work and skills of sharing knowledge. It gave us an opportunity to look beyond the human world, into the world of botany.  

Bansree Patel
IBDP Year 1 student

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22nd August – Friday Evening Games: Three Legged Football Finals

The format was changed a bit, instead of tying legs, hands were tied and made pairs to play football. This enabled teams to score goals rather than going into penalties. Due to time constraints the finals have been postponed to next Friday The winners were…

1st Position – Knight Riders
2nd Position – Avengers
3rd Position – El Nino

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18th August – Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami was celebrated at ‘Har ki Pauri’,the ground near the main football field. A few girls from the boarding danced in synchrony to a popular number. A number of boys from the boarding made the human pyramid for the “matki phod”.

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15th August – Independence Day Celebration

The Independence day celebrations was held indoors,in the TT hall. The esteemed guest Ms. Cristina Espinola, the Principal and the PTA President Ms. Aditi Tiwari unfurled the flag at 9 a.m.

A few patriotic songs, inspirational speeches by the students, a play and dances made up the celebrations. The celebrations culminated with the distribution of Ladoos to the students and parents.

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